Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Tourists visiting India should make a point of visiting Gujarat, a beautiful state that offers a wide variety of attractions, restaurants, and shops. Visiting Gujarat should be on your list of must-dos if you want to see and feel the true beauty of India. It is important to plan your vacation appropriately, starting with choosing the optimum time to visit Gujarat, if you want to experience real Gujarat and make the most of your stay there.

Therefore, before you write off all other seasons in favor of a trip to the country of kites, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Gujarat’s summer, winter, and monsoon seasons so you can tailor your schedule accordingly.

Visiting Gujarat during the summer

Temperatures between 29 to 41 degrees Celsius characterize Gujarat’s summer season, which begins in March and continues until June. During the scorching summer months, touring becomes much more of a chore than marching, particularly in urban areas devoid of verdant vegetation. The summer is ideal for visiting Saputara, one of the state’s hill stations, because it is both sunny and humid, and the area enjoys a healthy climate for the most part of the year. Dwarka and Vadodara are other good options if you don’t want to spend too much time outside; both cities include temples and other tourist sites that are open late into the night. If you can help it, try to avoid coming here during the summer.

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Visiting Gujarat During the Monsoon Season

From July through September, the monsoon season begins and ends with temperatures between 27 and 35 degrees Celsius. During these wet months, the state is refreshed with a new shade of green, enveloping everything in a vibrant canopy. As the rain falls, it crashes into the already-churning ocean, creating an eerie spectacle. Another thing to look forward to is spending time at a nature sanctuary while it dries out from the upcoming rains. And after braving a downpour, what could be better than trying some of Gujarat’s fiery, flavorful cuisine?

Visiting Gujarat in the winter (Best Time Of The Year)

From November to February, Gujarat has its winter season, when temperatures range from 12 to 29 degrees Celsius. During the winter, individuals can enjoy strolling about and going on tours and sightseeing considerably more comfortably. While some coastal areas could be too chilly in the winter, the state as a whole is far more agreeable. Actually, basking in the sun even in the dead of winter seems like a divine invitation, so it’s not like the beach spots are invisible in the winter. It should come as no surprise that they recommend visiting Gujarat in the winter.


During the winter, specifically from October to February, is when you should go to Gujarat if you can. Traveling to the state during the monsoons (July to September) could be a fantastic option, especially in regions that receive less rainfall, due to the dry climate, high temperatures, and humidity.

The best time of year to visit Gujarat is dependent on many factors, one of which is your ideal vacation. Winter, with its mild temperatures, is perfect for vacationers who want to kick back and take in the sights, while summer, with its higher chances of animal sightings, is the best time to see national parks. You can explore the wonders of Gujarat with personalized Gujarat tour packages crafted by Explore Gujarat.

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